Mobile Ultrasound Patrol (MUP) in Morocco

  • October 1, 2018
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The scheme known as Mobile Ultrasound Patrol makes onsite Ultrasonography feasible for expecting females, at the Moroccan rural communities, near the beginning of the current year. The Wireless Reach program from the organization known as Qualcomm intends to bring wireless technologies to underserved areas around the globe.

mobile diagnostic lab

The readings were conveyed wirelessly over 3G networks for distant instant verdicts from doctors centered in Rabat and Casablanca (Morocco) and Paris. Even in countryside of Africa, two to three percent females die for the reason that they don’t take delivery of enough care.

In Morocco, round about eight hundred females pass away each day on account of motherly snags, due to the following reasons:

  1. Detachment from better health-care facilities
  2. Paucity of doctors.
  3. Shortage of tools such as ultra sonology machines
  4. Dearth of ante -natal care
  5. Deficiency of necessary education

As for the image communication, a wireless dongle transmitted the images over Wi-Fi to a Sony Smartphone or tablet. The Trice appliance then encrypts the images and conveys them by way of a 3G mobile system to the Trice cloud-based image management display place.

An expectant female picks up a prenatal ultrasound exam as a component of the Mobile Ultrasound Patrol initiative image. Besides doctors, midwives also carried out ultrasound scans on a daily basis. The former reported many positive health remunerations counting the detection of a lot of pregnancies which were high threat ones e.g. malignancies of the uterus and ascertaining pregnancies that were supposed to be tricky deliveries.

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