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Researchers tried new ultrasound system which helps to detect breast cancer

In the United States more than 40 percent of women have dense breast tissue, which is more difficult to detect cancers on a…
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Ultrasound – A Safer Alternative For Appendicitis Diagnosis

New research showed that ultrasound scan is safer and equally effective in diagnosing appendicitis when compared to the CT scans. Appendix is a finger shaped vestigial…
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Early Detection Of Pulmonary Congestion In Dialysis Patients By Lung Ultrasound

A new study reported by the Italian researchers’ states that lung ultrasound can detect asymptomatic lung congestion in kidney failure patients which increases…
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VISIQ: Something New, Something Remarkable By PHILIPS

Philips is well known for its remarkable products all over the world. Whether it is Africa, or Asia, or Europe; its products can…
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Detection Of Odor In Brain By Ultrasonic Waves

The latest ultrasound imaging technique has presented the opportunity to scientists for the first time ever to give the internal vivo visualization of…
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Pneumonia Can Be Identified With The Help Of Lung Ultrasound – Latest Report Says

According to report published in the peer reviewed scientific journal Pediatrics Neonatology, investigators suggested that the lung ultrasound (LUS) can serves as a…
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Samsung Electronics Entering The Global Radiology Market With RS80A

With the launch of its brand new RS80A ultrasound system, Samsung Electronics has made a sound and powerful entry in the global radiology…
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Wireless Technologies For Everyone

The scheme known as Mobile Ultrasound Patrol makes onsite Ultrasonography feasible for expecting females, at the Moroccan rural communities, near the beginning of…
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Can Your Smartphone Act As A Handy Ultrasound Scanner?

Well, at least the South Korean company HEALCERION (established merely three years back and reserve - controlled) desires to turn that vision into a…
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Aixplorer Ultrasound With Stiffness And Elasticity Detection

Aixplorer ultrasound system, a product of SuperSonic Imagine is recently approved by FDA. It recreates the image from longitudinal and shear waves. It…
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