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Radiology second opinion is a service that provides individuals and radiology practices with a second level of assurance for their medical imaging needs. For individuals, our radiology second opinion service offers the opportunity to obtain a second read and report on a diagnostic study. This can be especially helpful for individuals who may be unsure about the results of their initial radiology exam or who wish to have a second opinion on the diagnosis.

Certified and Experienced Radiologists

Our certified and experienced radiologists are available to read and interpret imaging studies, such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. They provide detailed radiology second opinion reports that include their findings and any recommendations for further testing or treatment. Individuals also have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions to radiologists based on their reports.

Ensuring Quality and Accurate Radiology Second Opinion Services

For radiology practices, our radiology second opinion service can help to maintain the quality of their imaging studies. By having a second set of eyes review the images and reports, practices can ensure that their patients are receiving accurate and reliable diagnoses. This can be especially important for complex cases or when a second opinion is requested by the patient or referring physician.

Benefits of Radiology Second Opinion Services

Overall, our radiology second opinion service offers a valuable resource for both individuals and radiology practices. It provides a second level of assurance and the ability to ask follow-up questions to the radiologists, which leads to the complete satisfaction of medical practitioners as well as patients. It ensures that the medical imaging is accurate, reliable, and of high quality, which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes and care.

X Ray Second Opinion

We provide online second reporting and opinion on X Ray studies. Reports will be delivered within 24 hours. 

CT Second Opinion

We provide online second interpretation and opinion on your CT stdies including CT Angiograms. 

MRI Second Opinion

Our sub-speciality and fellowship trained radiolgoists provide you second reading and opinion for MRI studies. 

Ultrasound Second Opinion

We provide second opinion on all ultrasound studies (except obstetric ultrasonograms) online.

Mammogram Second Opinion

Our team of radiologists provide online second reading and opinion on mammogram studies. 

Dental Scans Second Opinion 

We provide second interpretation and reporting for your dental radiology studies like X Ray, CBCT, OPGs etc.

Nuclear Scans Second Opinion

We provide online second opinion on nuclear imaging studies like PET/CT. Reports will be delivered within 24-48 hours. 

Cardiac Scans Second Opinion

We provide second opinion for all cardiac imaging and diagnostic studies like ECG, Echocardiogram, TMT etc.

Coronary Angiogram Reporting

Online reading and interpretation of Coronary Angiogram studies.  

Expert Physicians

Group of radiologists and cardiologists from across the globe providing high quality reading services. 

Affordable Pricing

Get your reports at an affordable fees starting from 10 USD

Quick Turnaround Time

Reports delivered within 24 hours of study upload.

Comprehensive Reports

Very detailed reports covering all aspects of your study prepared by cardiologists.

Follow up Questions

All your prior questions and follow up questions are answered at your satisfaction.

Quality Control Protocol

Standard peer review process - accuracy close to 99.5%.

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