VISIQ: Something New, Something Remarkable By PHILIPS

  • December 24, 2019
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Philips is well known for its remarkable products all over the world. Whether it is Africa, or Asia, or Europe; its products can be found in every corner of the world. Nowadays, Philips is playing a great role in improving the health status of the Kenyans where basic health facilities aren’t accessible to everyone. Most of the Kenyans live below the average par of poverty and they cannot afford all the medicines and health facilities, so Philips has provided them a newer technology in the form of VISIQ which is a cheap one and it will really help its citizen’s health wise.  

What Is Meant By VISIQ Ultrasound System?

So what VISIQ really is? It’s a mobile, portable and a tablet size ultrasound system which can be easily taken from one place to other. As it’s portable and easy to carry, it can be carried and placed in every primary and tertiary care hospital. Even the doctors can use it in their own private clinics as its cost isn’t that much high too. Women, who weren’t previously able to go too far to the ultrasound centers, can now easily and timely get themselves checked through VISIQ technology. In this way Philips is helping the Kenyan government in great extent to achieve their Vision 2030 goals by providing all the basic medical facilities to each and every citizen of the Kenya. One of the greatest benefits of VISIQ ultrasound technology is its long battery life, which means that it can be used even in those areas where there isn’t enough electricity available. All you need will be to recharge the battery and use it time and again. 

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