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Stellant Flex CT Injection System

Recently Bayer announced new CT technology ie, Medrad Stellant Flex CT Injection System. This new system offers new CT injection technology with a…
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A modern CT Scan Machine

An Advanced CT Scanner from Siemens

Recently FDA has cleared the new Somatom X.cite premium single source CT scanner from Siemens Healthineers. Here X.cite premium single source CT scanner…
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cbct imaging

How Cone-beam CT Gives Better Results

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) as the name indicates uses cone shaped X-ray beam for obtaining images using high quality detector systems, powerful…
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Brain CT Scan Imaging

New iPad App for CT Interpretation

A new iPad app for CT interpretation is a unique educational software application developed by Crit-IQ critical care education website for trainees, medical…
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ct imaging

Why CT Scan is Reliable for Young Adults

A study published in the journal Radiology indicates that the potential risk of radiation induced cancer due to exposure to the CT scan…
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MRI vs. CT for Diagnosing Stroke Patients

Since last few decades, CT scan has been used as the most confirmatory diagnostic procedure in stroke patients. As compare to MRI, it…
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chest ct reporting

Chest CT Findings of MERS-CoV Patients

In September 2012, a case of novel coronavirus infection was reported involving a man in Saudi Arabia. This novel coronavirus has been named…
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kidney stone diagnosis

Diagnosing Kidney Stones: Ultrasound’s Edge Over CT Scans

Using ultrasounds instead of computed tomography (CT) scans to diagnose urinary stone disease is safer and less costly, according to a new study.…
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spine injury detection

CT Scan Reading for Spine Injury Detection

The imaging assessment of trauma patients has undergone dramatic changes over the past several years. Specifically, when spine injury is suspected, there has…
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Radiology & Treatment of Brain Injuries

It is estimated that this year (2014) across the United States coastlines almost 23500 new cases of nervous system cancer and brain will…
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