New iPad App for CT Interpretation

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A new iPad app for CT interpretation is a unique educational software application developed by Crit-IQ critical care education website for trainees, medical students or consultants. This provides a 3D appreciation of the CT scans with top quality resolution and with ease of navigation.

Brain CT Scan Imaging

Dr Todd Fraser from Nambour General Hospital and The Noosa Hospital in Queensland with Dr Neil Orford, director of intensive care at the Geelong Hospital developed this app which helps the trainees in analysing the images as if they are sitting next to the radiologists, something which cannot be achieved by the text books or web sites.  Students can learn through sample images even sitting at home with the help of this device.

Accurate CT scan interpreter is essential for the doctors, nurses, residents, technicians and students. This new iPad app is complete with high-resolution image quality, touch screen zoom function, fully scrollable and with audible radiology reports and tutorials.
Interpretation of radiology reports without proper training and understanding might be dangerous especially in emergency care patients. This educational tool from Crit-IQ has 70 scrollable CT scans with audible radiology reports. It allows the trainees to view the images in multiple planes for the easy diagnosis of abnormalities.  It teaches to interpret images and scans accurately and quickly. Trainees can also confirm their analysis after locating the abnormality by listening to the radiologist reporting the film through the head phones. It is also provided with the tutorial that reviews the abnormality.

It is considered as a good learning resource for those preparing for College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM) exam and is also recognised by CPD (Continuing Professional Development) program and clinical practices. 
Experts believe that this new teaching technique will make a difference in the practice.

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