How smart phones and tablets help education

  • December 17, 2019
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We live in an era of laptops, smart phones and mobile tablets which is really glorifying this world in a true sense. All these technologies have greatly aided the mankind, particularly the students. Time has gone, where students used to spend heavily upon the books. Now they can easily have PDF copies of those books in their tabs and can study anytime and anywhere. Because of these smart phones, student can easily discuss topics among themselves and even with their professors in the form of group discussions, thus all their queries can be solved in less period of time.

tablets and cell phones for radiology education

The same kind of research was done in universities of Indiana and Colorado, to see the influence of these modern gadgets upon the studies of students whether it benefits them or not. All students were provided with mobile tablets with pre-installed software’s, medical e-books and video conferencing and messing tools to share their queries and knowledge among themselves. Along with this, all students were strictly instructed that these tabs have to be used only for educational purposes and for their personal work. After some time it was seen that almost 90% of the students had really appreciated this project as they were able to solve their study problems much easily and in a lesser period of time. Students recommended that such tabs and iPods should be provided in every university and to every student. Mobiles and smart phones can benefit in variety of ways such as:

  1. Too many mobile tabs can be bought at a discount price i.e. at about 1/3rd of its actual price.
  2. Students will be able to discuss their study problems much easily and thus sharing their knowledge.
  3. Different kind of gadgets can easily be downloaded and distributed among the fellow students thus benefitting all.   

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