How Ultra-res 4K Video Empowers Radiology

  • August 3, 2018
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Never before in the world of medicine and medical sciences technology has played such a vital role in helping improve patient care and health care. Today medical practitioners and medical technicians base the patient success treatment on advance technologies. The sophisticated technologies provide clear and detailed images of body structures and organs. The device can be simple x-ray machines to state-of-the-art computer tomography (CT) systems or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. Modern medical devices are expensive because a lot of research time and investment is involved I developing the devices. But the balance of advantages far exceeds the cost factor.

4K is a high definition video which has opened up new avenues in medical imaging. 4K relies on embedded computers (COM) computer-on-module technology which has the capacity to process huge amounts of data in real time. The large volume of data and information is then produced as ultra-high resolution 4K video.

The digital imaging technology from ultra sound machines to sophisticated computed tomography (CT) systems have simplified the diagnosis and treatment of complex medical problems, such as measures taken for preventive medicine and invasive surgery.

Ultra high definition (UHD) uses cameras for latest surgeries. UHD technology involves high pixel count which generates accurate imaging four times more powerful than full high definition (HD). The advanced technologies have produced refined imaging that ensure accurate diagnosis and correct detection which instills confidence in both patient and medical providers. 4K resolution has provided manufacturers of medical devices with additional flexibility with excellent results.

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