Stiffness and Elasticity Detection

  • August 12, 2018
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Aixplorer ultrasound system, a product of SuperSonic Imagine is recently approved by FDA. It recreates the image from longitudinal and shear waves. It also provides information about the elasticity and stiffness of the tissue. According to supersonic, it is the only device in the modern world which is capable of computing shear wave velocity and provides bi-dimensional image of the tissue. Other conventional ultrasound machines have limitations when it comes to

Noise content resolution, optimization and acquisition rates. It has the ability to acquire 20,000 images per second, which is 200 times faster than conventional ultrasound. This is the only system which produces images from the two types of waves. One is ultrasound waves and other is shear waves. Aixplore Ultrasound also comes with ultrafast doppler new technology which unites color and PW doppler into one mode. The velocity of the shear waves is very fast. 

Features Of Aixplorer Ultrasound:

  1. It is light weight.
  2. Adjustable control panel and monitor. It can be tilted and moved to the desired position.
  3. Its controls are easily accessible from any angle.
  4. Intuitive control panel.
  5. Touch sensitive keyboard.
  6. Touch screen.
  7. You can also optimize image quality and lesion characterization.
  8. Flexible holder for the transducer cable.
  9. Flexible transducer cables.
  10. Transducer connector holder.
  11. Light weight transducer.

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