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  • January 16, 2020
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BloXR’s ultra-x-ray attenuating cream was approved by FDA 510(K) and it got clearance in May. BloXR is a new bismuth-oxide based hand cream which had been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which has been launched nationally on September 9.

BloXR’s ultra-x-ray attenuating cream comes as a big relief to the interventional radiologist, who has to go through lengthy exposure to radiation. In the case of complex fractures, complex lesions in interventional cardiology or very difficult tumour, the radiologist have to go through long exposure to radiation. Reports have it that the number of x-rays has increased to 180 million and the number of CT scans to 60 million annually in the US alone.

In the interview with Aunt BloXR president and CEO Ashok Khandkar Ph.D., said that, “he thought that this will certainly be a new armament in the safety of people who use fluoroscopy on a daily basis”. BloXR President commented saying “he spent about 100 days in the operating room watching operations being done. In each, the spine surgeons would take 30 or 40 x- rays or fluoro shots to help them guide the procedure”. When operating on a patient with blocked coronary arteries, the procedure could take a couple of hours; in this case he might be getting irradiated. Here the patient might get irradiated once or twice in his lifetime, but when compared to the clinicians who are exposed for 30 or 40 years. This exposure is a long term problem.

FDA has set up design medical procedures to avoid exposure to ionizing radiation, such in fluoroscopy, radiography or other image-guide interventions. The documents show that through the application of the cream before an image-guide procedure, exposure was greatly reduced. Bones of hand appear to be visible when exposed to fluoroscopy without the protection of ultra BloXR x-ray attenuating cream. Bones of the hands are not visible after applying the BloXR x-ray attenuating cream. BloXR x-ray attenuating cream constitutes Bismuth oxide and hand lotion.

Ultra BloXR is based 75% bismuth oxide. It is made up of lubricants, humectant, surfactants, and emulsifiers, such as glyceryl sterate and biocompat. BloXR x-ray attenuating cream when applied gives a stark white appearance. The covering of the entire hands ensure maximum radiation protection. The cream is applied on the hands and latex gloves are worn. There are two ways for doctors to apply the cream: single glove and double glove. In the single glove method the cream is applied directly on the hands and a pair of gloves is used. In the second method a pair of gloves is worn, cream is applied on the gloves and another pair of gloves is worn over the first gloves. In the second method the doctor does not have to wash his hands, he just has to dispose of the gloves.

Advantages of BloXR attenuating cream are they are fast and easy to apply, its compatible, reduces exposure, helps to keep dexterity, maintains tactile feel and it is a sterile product.

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