Some Interesting Facts about X-ray

  • September 5, 2018
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Barium is used in radiology and radiography. It was discovered by Sir Humphry Davy in 1808. It is placed at number 56 in a periodic table. It is a very good absorber of x-rays and is helpful to develop accurate x-rays.

Invention Of X-Ray:

A German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen was studying the path of electricity when he noticed that the image was sticking to a paper and contained details which are not visible on the photographs.

The Tesla Unit:

Nikola Tesla invented many things like electrical generators, radio and remote controls. He is the inventor of tesla unit which is used to measure the magnitude of magnetic field.

Use Of X-Rays In Medical Field:

After the invention of X-rays by Roentgen, Dr. Harwey crusher from Harvard modified the x-ray technology and make them usable for different medical imaging techniques. X-ray technology is widely used to detect lesions and tumors of the brain.

The Harms Of Radioactivity:

Radioactive rays may prove very harmful if standard protective measures are not followed. Many of the scientists in the past died because of unavailability of protective measures. Madam Curie made safety advancements in the field of radiography. She was also awarded noble prize for her work.

Technology Advancement:

NASA also used x-ray technology and launched its Chandra x-ray to take images of outer space.

The Future Is Now:

Recently a camera is invented that is capable of taking HD pictures. It has an unprecedented speed of 4.5million frames per second.

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