Fear- alleviating Open MRI Scanning

  • June 16, 2017
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Despite the established safety and diagnostic value of the MRI machines, a lot of patients feel anxious to undergo the process and try avoiding it as much as possible. This is perhaps due to the feeling of claustrophobia that the closed type MRI machines impart. Open MRI machines have solved this issue to a great extent by making the people feel more secure and comfortable while going through an MRI scan.

MRI scans are of extreme significance especially where brain damage is involved. It makes it quite easy to assess the extent of damage. The value of this imaging technique in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine cannot be denied and at times, it is the test of choice for certain diseases. Since the MRI scans are unavoidable, they have been improved to enhance the patients’ comfort level.

The new patents are more airy as compared to the traditional MRI machines. The main disadvantage of these new MRI machines is a compromise on the quality of image that is produced. This is because of decrease in the magnetic strength of the machines as magnets are not present all around the patient as in the case of closed MRI machines to develop a high quality image. Stronger magnetic fields have been employed in these new machines to overcome this problem.

Open MRI has the added benefit of less cost too. Open design of the MRI machines has also eliminated the need to sedate the patients before undergoing this procedure, making the entire process more tolerable for the claustrophobic patients.

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