The Latest Innovation in Nuclear Medicine

  • November 26, 2019
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Nuclear medicine has been on up rise since last few centuries as more and more developments are being made in further enhancing this technology. This technology has done wonders in improving the overall health and finding cure for various diseases which man is suffering today. Recently, GE health workers has further modified the technology by inventing NM/CT 670 Pro and Q.Metrix technology which has brought a lot of improvement both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. This technology has a much better accuracy and a faster speed as compare to CT imaging. Also the picture quality of the images is also improved by far as a result of this technology which will be really helpful in diagnosing a disease.

Q.Metrix basically works by measuring the amount of uptake values by the damaged organ and this enable to compare and personalize with SPECT results, thus giving a broader view of the diseased organ. NM/CT 670 Pro on the other hand provides extensive imaging performance and it has a clear cut edge over the CT image quality and clarity. It has both dose adjustment tools as well as it also takes little time as compare to the time taken by CT imaging, thus greatly suits the needs of the patients.

GE medical practitioners have already helped the humanity by providing the best health care facilities to the patient whether its medical imaging tools, or medical software’s invention, or disease diagnosis, GE have always proved to the one of the most beneficial authorities these days all around the world.

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