Studying diseases with 7D Surgical Scanner

  • December 3, 2019
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Since last many years, surgical and medical specialists have been using X-rays and CT scan machines to visualize the disease process inside the human body. But now with the invention of this 7D surgical navigation device, imaging and visualizing the internal organs of the human body would become much easier. This device helps in complete visualization of everything lying beneath the skin without even making a surgical incision. This would provide ultimate accuracy in treating the disease organ surgically without giving rise to post surgical complications. Spinal and head injuries, which require more composure and accuracy, would be performed lot more easily now. There’s only a 3% chance that the driving screws wouldn’t hit the precise organ thus greatly minimizing the damage to other nearby lying organs.

7D surgical navigation scanner is invented by a group of Canadian scientists and doctors, and it is considered as one of the major breakthroughs in the field of surgery. It is a minimal invasive procedure which would be greeted with open arms by the surgeons all over the world. It has only a slight drawback i.e. the surgeon needs to make a correct assumption about the landmark of the disease area especially in brain surgeries where a minimal mistake can greatly alter the life of an individual. The surgeon has to make sure that the patient hasn’t altered his position in between the time of scan and surgery because this might lead to change in the position of that very organ, from where it was previously lying.

Keeping in view the advancements in medical health and science in recent years, 7D surgical navigation device is one of the most remarkable inventions. Now, people would be able to undergo little surgical procedures, and that too for little period of time. Most of all, the result outcome will be more promising and long lasting.

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