Higher accuracy of Multi-colored MRI Scanners

  • August 24, 2020
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Researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine found a new generation of Multi coloured MRI scanners. These new MRI scanners use multicoloured light which helps in detection of diseases and thus improve patient diagnosis. 

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The new MRI method uses colours simultaneous which helps to identify the internal organs from a single scan by avoiding multiple scans. Mainly the new technology consists of two different contrast agents, first agent specifically helps to target disease tissues and the second agent uses it to identify healthy tissues. Current MRI techniques are based on a single contrast agenthttps://smartteleradiology.com/blogs/fda-clears-new-mri-contrast-agent-from-ge, which is injected into a patient’s vein to create images. New technology allows doctors to identify different characteristics of patients’ internal organs in a single scan. 

The lead Researcher Dr Chris Flask said, “The method we developed enables, for the first time, the simultaneous detection of two different MRI contrast agents”. The other advantages of this new technology is the emerging generation of molecular therapies for example  agents which is designed for targeting specific biological markers. 
Currently researchers are using the scanner to determine the scope and practical applications for new technology which includes cancers, genetic diseases and metabolic diseases.            

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