MRI brain scans can predict language improvement

  • October 13, 2020
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According to new research, scientists found MRI Brain scans can predict how well a deaf child can learn language after receiving cochlear implant surgery. It was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

The brain and ear plays a vital role in hearing and language development. Hearing loss causes abnormal brain conditions due to lack of auditory stimulation. This method has been cleared by the FDA IN 1991. Cochlear implant surgery helps children to hear clearly and develop language with high accuracy and sensitivity.

Patrick C. M. Wong, Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong said “The ability to predict language development is important because it allows clinicians and educators to intervene with therapy to maximize language learning”. Since the brain is the fundamental of all human ability,  the algorithm that is applied to children helps in predicting function and improving the lives of children with a broad range of disabilities.

At the younger age hearing loss causes abnormality in brain development, so the cochlear implant method is the most effective treatment for children born with significant hearing loss. By using MRI Brain it helps to capture abnormal conditions before cochlear implant surgery and use a machine algorithm which helps to predict language development with high accuracy and sensitivity. This cochlear implant surgery enables many children with hearing loss to understand and develop speech. 

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