Why Computed Tomography (CT) is a Wonder

  • April 14, 2016
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Computed tomography or CTscan is amongst the five chief medical happenings in the last few decades. Unlike the traditional radiographs, there is no overlapping of configurations in CT images. Moreover, in the course of CT imaging, an x-ray tube revolves around the patient so that several images are gathered from many angles in real time. These images are stocked up in a computer that scrutinizes them to generate a new image with the overlying structures isolated.  Not only do the CT images permit the health practitioners to recognize their inside structures but also enable them to make out their contour, size, concentration and consistency. 

This comprehensive knowledge can be used to establish whether there is any medical problem? In case there is, then the CT images reveal the degree and precise location of the problem as well as other valuable fine points. A CT scan that does not reveal any anomaly still presents convenient information. Contemporary CT scanners get hold of this information in chunks of a second. The most recent deposit of high-resolution CT scan descriptions arrive from GE Healthcare’s Revolution CT which was revealed in a hospital locale for the initial time in the ninth month of the previous year at West Kendall Baptist Hospital in Florida. The scanner not only produces superior quality pops of the organs, but also releases minor doses of radiation to accomplish them, placing patients at ease. By now doctors have accumulated images of chief blood vessels, organs, bones, and tissues. They can look at blood propelling through veins of the patients and can even witness  hardwares, such as coronary stents.

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