Increasing 3D Technology Use in Dentistry

  • August 22, 2017
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Whether it is about taking an X-ray of the diseased tooth, digital scanning or fabrication of a crown, the advanced technologies have touched every aspect of the dentistry. These technologies are not only limited to higher institutions but also have become a part of routine procedures in dental offices.

Every patient that is coming to the dental clinic wants his work to be done in a more time efficient manner. Also. The dental practitioners also want to deliver their work as early as possible. These requisites have led to the increased usage of these new techniques at the dental offices.

In earlier days, if the patient wanted to have a crown he/she had to wait for days to get it delivered. But with the newer technology of 3D scanning and computer aided designing and milling, the crowns are ready to be worn within few hours at the same day of appointment.

Also, 3D scanning has reduced the patient discomfort as earlier the patient was numbed and then an impression of the tooth to be restored was taken. This often led to gag reflex and discomfort in the patients. It is not an issue with the recent technologies. Also, a prefabricated temporary crown was to be worn for a few days until new crown was fabricated. But now, the crown is fabricated on the same day. 

But this procedure is not totally computer dependent. It also requires the use of a skilled hand to match the requirements of the patient. The color of the crown material has to be matched before and all the final tweaks has to be done by the technician to add a few more aesthetic details to the crown. 

These procedures make the patients happy as they decrease the number of visits and are time efficient. It is beneficial for the dentists as well. These technologies might not come cheap but are beneficial in longer terms.

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