How MRI Scan helps to Predict Dementia

  • July 27, 2015
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Scientists from washington university found that brain MRI scans may help to predict dementia within three years and it is 90 percent accurate. 

MRI brain imaging

An assistant professor at Washington University Cyrus A Raji said “A single MRI scan can predict dementia on average 2.6 years before memory loss is clinically detectable, which could help doctors advise care for their parents”.

According to National Institute of Health Dementia is a progressive, irreversible brain disorder that destroys memory and thinking skills. The assistant professor Raji and with colleagues from the university of california san francisco analyzed MRI scans for physical signs of impending cognitive decline.

In a new study researchers used a technique called diffusion tensor imaging which helps to assess the health of the brain’s white matter which encompassess the cables that enable different parts of the brain to talk to one another. Those who experiencing cognitive decline shows more signs of damage to white matter in the brain. 

Raji said “ we could tell that the individuals who went onto develop dementia have these differences on diffusion MRI, compared with scans of cognitively normal people whose memory and thinking skills remained intact.

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