Heroes Kit can make MRI Easier for Kids

  • November 7, 2018
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facilitates healthcare providers to create pictures of internal organs and structures of body. MRI provides images of inside body areas and problems where routine imaging methods fail.

radiology imaging in kids

A medical provider can ask for a MRI and the results would provide both a diagnosis and determine treatment. All of it without the medical provider even having to lay a hand on the patient; magnetic resonance imaging is produced with help of magnetic field and radio wave energy pulses. The digital images can be studied and reviewed remotely.

The persistent concern for a long time for professional healthcare providers has been to do MRI examination of pediatric patients. Children and anxiety is natural with the thought of lying motionless for an extended time in a narrow and noisy medical machine. To ease and pre-empt the fear and discomfort of going through MRI exam, children need to be educated on the process and advantages of MRI. “MRI Heroes Kit,” a comic book, is one such attempt to help children understand the procedure of MRI because education, knowledge and awareness, usually ease the fear, if not get rid of it 100 percent. Magnetic resonance imaging is a powerful state-of-the-art machine which is free of dangerous and harmful ionizing radiation and it can create top quality scans of almost all parts and organs of body. Children can learn the procedure of lying still inside a “strange” machine that produces powerful magnetic field with the fun to read and informative “MRI Heroes Kit.”     

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