GE Healthcare’s Discover IQ PET/CT Machine

  • October 26, 2017
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GE Healthcare has presented Discover IQ – an economical yet sophisticated arrangement of (PET/CT) premeditated in India and intended for global utilization. The system was established at a price of fifteen million US dollars and is the outcome of 3 years of close group effort with the doctors (especially the oncologists). Not only is the system meant for early detection of malignancy but it can conduct custom-made treatment for patients.

It may be pertinent to mention here that any complex imaging centre not only necessitates a PET/CT to look into the human body but a cyclotron to fabricate bio-markers(measurable substances in an organism whose presence is indicative of some happening such as an ailment) that can light up malignant cells. 

A cyclotron is a tool in which charged atomic and sub-atomic particles are hastened by an alternating electric field while pursuing an outer spiral or circular pathway in a magnetic field. With the assistance of numerous Indian businessmen, GE has manufactured a wonderful, full-bodied network of cyclotrons to curtail the cost obligatory for setting up a molecular imaging centre. The nascent system has been created on a policy which can be improved to meet the increasing hassles of any hospital, making it a safe and reasonably priced asset to make available a nonstop care. It may be noted that majority of malignancy patients do not act in response to their preliminary chemotherapy treatment. But this system would assist the doctors (especially the oncologists) to come to a decision whether the treatment meant for oncology patients, is advantageous (with one or two chemotherapy cycles) or not. The system comprises full junction PET imaging without any concession between quantization and image characteristics.

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital – managed by SNR Sons Charitable Trust is the foremost in South India to have established this model of excellence device. GE Healthcare has devoted one billion US dollars towards hastening the investigations and progress of advanced, reasonably priced solutions in the discipline of oncology.

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