Early Detection of Alzheimer’s disease

  • October 18, 2017
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New MRI scientific know how can locate the secret code of Alzheimer’s disease prior to the appearance of its symptoms. The reason is that the high-tech MRI device works in coordination with the magnetic nanostructure as well as an antibody (that seeks out the amyloids beta brain toxicants responsible for commencement of Alzheimer’s disease) which assists in the recognition of amyloids beta oligomers brain toxicants. The latter are identified as murky areas in the MRI brain scans of Alzheimer patients. This is in contrast to the usual conventional technology which merely distinguishes fatty deposits known as plaques. It might be interesting to note that the oligomers may appear more than a decade before plaques are detected.

It is pertinent to mention here that the know-how of this high-tech MRI could be utilized to identify this disease before time, so that drugs could be ascertained to successfully eradicate the toxicants and upgrade health of the patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease.

Amyloid beta oligomers which hit the synapses (junction between two nerve cells) of neurons are generally believed to be the wrongdoers in the commencement of Alzheimer’s disease and ensuing failure of memory. With the passage of time, the Amyloid beta assembles up and begins to glue together, forming the Amyloid plaques that the prod seeks out.

The capacity to identify Amyloid beta oligomers is imperative on account of two reasons:

  1. Amyloid beta oligomers are the toxicants that smash up neurons
  2. The oligomers are the earliest sign of nuisance in the disease process and they appear prior to any other pathology.

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