8th November – World Radiology Day

  • October 14, 2018
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It is said that the absolute skill of war is to subdue the enemy without warfare; is it possible? Let’s see! When you glance at the history of tools and gadgets over the last many decades, you apprehend that it has to do with reducing the volume of time and making the world smaller. The topic of the World Radiography Day for the year 2014 is the remembrance of World War 1.On the 8th of November, the radiographers and specialists in radiologic technology, across the globe will participate in the festivities.


Yes! The credit for the discovery of X-rays (Rontgen rays) goes to Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen—-a German physicist who on 8th November 1895 identified electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength array of X-rays. That ground-breaking feat warranted him the foremost Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1901. This year, the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, will also be celebrated by paying tribute to radiography’s primitive selected few – the individuals who were concerned with and treated the soldiers by driving the societal and technical borders. 

Radiation is a vital fraction of our daily life because right from the time we are born, the extraterrestrial rays in our environs as well as those from food and drink may hold trails of radioactivity. Not only is radiation a crucial ingredient of human life, it can also be used to perk up human life. It is the role of health care providers to use ionizing radiation in medicine proficiently so as to amplify benefit and curtail risk. Since the detection of X-rays by Roentgen and radioactivity by Becquerel, radiation has been utilized in many miscellaneous zones of human life. Commencing with its use in medicine, lots of lives have been rescued. Improvements in skill and equipment by and large make the procedures and gadgets used in medicine harmless and nascent equipment is proficient to make available much more medical information than tools used in the previously. 

Let’s make a pledge today, that we will endeavor our best to acquire the strength to overcome the diseases and ailments that have afflicted mankind.

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