Future of Teleradiology around the world

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Teleradiology can be explained as a method where radiological images are outsourced for a remote diagnosis by a radiologist.

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In the past few months, teleradiology has taken over the market like never before, due to various obvious reasons posed after the pandemic arrived. The advancement in technology has boosted the growth of the teleradiology market globally. 

Studies have shown an exponential growth of about 140% in teleradiology services which can clearly state the future aspect of teleradiology. 

A few of the well-known features of teleradiology that can contribute to its bright future can be enlisted as below:

Top Teleradiology Trends and Features – Future of Teleradiology

  • Outsourcing radiology services have increased: Many big hospitals and healthcare centers are using teleradiology services due to their amazing advantages such as cost-effectiveness, extensive services, and quick turnaround time. As and how healthcare providers are gaining more dependability on teleradiology services, it is becoming a more common form of practice that clearly can define its future.
  • Equalizing the workload: Due to increased workload the efficiency of the radiologist can fall drastically and there can be an interruption in the smooth workflow affecting the hospital or a radiology center. By adopting teleradiology an efficient workflow can be established where scan volumes can be outsourced at affordable rates for reporting. This in turn can help the on-site radiologist to preserve his or her efficiency which would enhance productivity and quality of life. 
  • Cloud storage: One of the best global teleradiology trends in the market which can define its future aspects is the introduction of the “Cloud Infrastructure”. This innovative technology enables the uploading, analyzing, and storage of radiology images and their reports in a very structured and easily accessible format at a reduced cost which can be used by a radiologist anywhere but in a secured route.
  • Teleradiology has been working closely with AI: Artificial intelligence is presently named the latest trend in any form of work industry. With the usage of AI, teleradiology can come up with a total game-changer by providing the highest accuracy reports in no time. 
  • Efficiency to provide all kinds of subspecialists under one roof: it is only possible while working with teleradiology to get the support of all types of subspecialists may in terms of field or technology. With conventional radiology it is almost impossible to have the support of all the forms of subspecialists in one place, which is very expensive this is where teleradiology takes a leap when a second opinion is required from a sub-specialist radiologist. With teleradiology any sub-specialist radiologist anywhere in the world can be approached which is without a doubt a vital feature to be considered for its bright future.
  • Patient-friendly viewers: Viewing medical images in teleradiology is extremely easy and cost-effective, unlike conventional practice. 3D report viewers are available in the market and can be used by physicians as well as patients adding up to the ease in the usage of teleradiology and its promising future. 
  • Developing at a pace equal to or more than the other supporting technology: Some radiological images need not have a high-end software involvement, they can be read with just a clear image in such circumstances the availability of new and advanced smartphones can help the radiologist to comment about the findings. Thus with the development of new touch screens, the radiologist can take their support and can perform teleradiology at a much wider scale.
  • The only omnipresent form of practice: Teleradiology can be performed at any time and at any place. The remote places where the support of a radiologist is complicated and often not present in such places the scan is taken and then outsourced to a teleradiology center and can be reported. In terms of time, full radiologist support can be available all the time to any hospital or diagnostic center with the help of teleradiology, even at odd times such as night, weekends, and other holidays. This feature of teleradiology plays a critical role during any emergency when immediate treatment is required but the radiologist is unavailable to support it.

The growth of the teleradiology outsourcing market looks very much obvious and promising, the entire healthcare system is aiming to use this advanced technology to give their patients the best possible care.

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