Detecting ADHD through MRI Scan Reading

  • October 16, 2020
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According to a new study researchers found information from brain MRIs can identify people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and it also helps to distinguish subtypes of the condition. 

ADHD is a brain disorder which identifies inattention, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour. According to the ADHD institute, disorder affects 5 to 7 percent of children and adolescents. Mainly the three subtypes of the condition are predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive and the combination of both inattentive and hyperactive. 

Dr Gong M.D at West China Hospital said, “The main aim of the current study is to establish classification models that can assist the psychiatrist or clinical psychologist in diagnosing and subtyping of ADHD based on relevant radiomics signatures”.  

Researchers examined 83 children, age ranging from 7 to 14 years with newly diagnosed and never treated ADHD.  Researchers included children with inattentive ADHD subtype and combines subtype. For this examination researchers used anatomic and diffusion tensor MRI and compared the results with 87 healthy similarly aged children. 

According to the author the findings proves that a moderately successful diagnostic classification efficiency can be achieved between patients with ADHD and those without as well as between the two most common ADHD subtypes. 

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