A new subspeciality being demanded – ‘Screening Radiologist’

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A treatment plan for any disease depends directly on the diagnostic accuracy, in the present scenario any pathology has to undergo some kind of imaging-based screening to reach the final diagnosis and one cannot skip the step of radiology. Despite its crucial role, the whole radiology fraternity has been under docker.

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But now it seems that the time has come that an all “new subspecialty” must get introduced in the medical field with the name “screening radiologist” so that the importance which a radiologist deserves can be served.

In the January issue of JACR, two distinguished experts in the field raised their voice to support this need. They stated a fact which is encountered very often, that the credit for primary health care is always given to physicians and epidemiologists and radiologists are overshadowed. 

To achieve the respect a radiologist deserves, Hannah Milch (MD, UCLA) and Linda Haramati (MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine) advocated for new expertise in their field with the term “screening radiologist.” 

We can hope with this change if made, radiology would be able to establish leadership in screening. 

Milch and Haramati wrote -“Creating a dedicated fellowship in imaging-based screening would create a new generation of radiologists with mastery of screening goals, risks, and biases,” 

This dedicated fellowship can be designed in collaboration with primary care and public health training programs with a suggested duration of two or three years. The study program can get the opportunity to explore everything from health sciences to epidemiology, radiation biology, artificial intelligence, and quality assurance.

The two experts stated that if such fellowship gets the recognition then possibly a new batch of radiologists can be introduced in the healthcare industry who would not only get the freedom from the longstanding bias but will also lead the clinical trials with their knowledge of screening science that could help the public health.

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