Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

  • September 24, 2020
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The most common type of cancer reported in females is the breast cancer occurring in about one in eight women globally. The best way to fight this cancer is early detection so that it is confined and can be fully treated by surgical excision or pharmacologically.

A radiologist examining the X-ray

Mammography is the most widely used screening tool for breast cancer, but diagnosing cancer from mammograms is a challenge. Various studies done globally show that radiologists have given many false positive and false negative interpretations in mammograms.

To address these shortcomings artificial intelligence (AI) models were designed.   

After the several studies done across the world it has been proven that new AI models can predict breast cancer on mammograms more accurately than a radiologist.  Large international study from google, Northwestern medicine and two screening centers in the United Kingdom (U.K.) have reported reduction in false positives and false negatives when AI was used.

In some instances, radiologists were more accurate whereas in some cases the AI was far better than radiologists. But the interpretations given with a combination of AI and a radiologist were far more precise than with two radiologists.

Taking various studies under consideration, if AI is used it will not only give the precise impression but the time required for the interpretation will be reduced moreover it can eliminate the need for a second opinion, which is apparently a normal practice.

Thus artificial intelligence can be a highly recommended tool due to its high specificity and sensitivity.

Human efforts cannot be disrespected but artificial intelligence is undoubtedly all set to replace the era and to begin a new phase of interpretation.

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