Teleradiology Evolving Into A Practice Management Tool

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Teleradiology, though initially started as convenience services, relieving radiologists from an on call and overnight duties, have evolved into an entity serving the patients, radiology practices and hospitals. They offer a high quality and timely delivery of radiologic interpretations with highly qualified and trained radiologists, in a cost-effective manner, to multiple health care facilities.

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Working overnight, just for few reads is not considered profitable by radiology practices and hospitals. Radiology groups and local practices can fulfil their overnight commitments through teleradiology with greater profitability and less administrative hassles. With less night time staff, they can reduce expenses, and focus more on the daytime commitments there by helping a practice to grow.

Local practices and imaging centres in remote and sub-urban areas may not have access to the subspecialty radiologists. Teleradiology provides excellent interpretation of images with subspecialists in such areas. Round the clock services provided by the teleradiology practice is extremely helpful in the study and diagnosis of complex cases like cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Recent study published in a Journal, the American College of Radiology states that many radiology groups still use on call services for nights and weekends. Experts believe that many are likely to join teleradiology practices in coming years due to its quality services.

Although there are enormous advantages of teleradiology practice, it still has certain limitations. In spite of those limitations, there is a great scope for evolution of teleradiology services. Teleradiology ensures the patient satisfaction which is the key to the growth of any healthcare practice.

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