FDA clears New MRI Scanner from Siemens – 2

  • September 14, 2015
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Siemens got clearance from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Magnetom Sola, 1.5T MRI scanner. The technology used in new MRI scanner is BioMatrix which helps to change patient anatomical, physiological differences and also difference in how users setup and conduct MRI exams. The Benefits of this technology is:  it increase productivity, it reduces rescans for improved efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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Magnetom Sola can be used to perform a range of routine and complex MRI exams and MRI scanner help in accelerating workflow and deliver consistent results for every patient. Elements used in BioMatrix technology are:

  1. BioMatrix Sensor: It saves setup time and inform the correct exam strategy.
  2. Respiratory Sensor: It removes the need for navigators with respiratory-triggered sequences.
  3. Kinetic Sensors: It allows for the visual monitoring of the patient’s face.
  4. BioMatrix Tuners: It improves the quality and reproducibility of head, neck and spine imaging by using distortion-mitigating software and hardware.

BioMatrix Interfaces uses Artificial Intelligence and body models to accelerate patient positioning and provide reproducible results.

The scanner structure offers high performance in an open 70 cm bore, it enables one step coverage of larger body regions with 50*50*50cm field of view, scanner is lightweight, anatomy-adaptive coils offer better patient comforts. 

The device brings new software which helps in quick scanning. The Multi-Slice TSE reduces scan times upto 46%.

A Cardiovascular edition is also available which includes high performance hardware and software such as Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine, MyoMaps and the Cardiac Dot engine.

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