Restriction Spectrum Imaging (RSM) MRI

  • March 14, 2016
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We all know that prostate cancer is one of the prevalent causes of fatality in men all across the globe.       

prostate cancer diagnosis

Pathology Of Malignant Prostate Gland.

A new advancement of MRI promises to identify tumors of prostate malignancy, more precisely than the existing standard. This new technique is known as RSI-MRI where RSI stands for Restriction Spectrum Imaging. This molecular signature of radiosensitivity is an imaging technique which is not only trustworthy for pinpointing the prostate tumors but is also helpful in surgical planning and image staging. Also, this technique provides an improved target for biopsies, especially in case of trivial ones. It provides a non-invading approach to evaluate the degree and status of tumors more specifically and even predicts their ranking.

In contrast, the diffusion MRI (the contemporary standard for detecting and diagnosing the neoplasia of prostate) has the drawback of altering the position of prostate tumors by as much as ½ an inch, for the reason of magnetic field artifacts (artificial images produced on films, due to storage handling etc.) This fact is sufficient to cause troubles for surgeons, who have to be acquainted with the extent of the tumor outside the prostate so that they could plan what type of treatment the patient would require. By placing results of contrast enhanced MRI and RSI-MRI side by side, one comes to the conclusion that RSI-MRI has the advantage of adjusting the magnetic field deformation of diffusion MRI suitably to make it valuable and more successful than the  contrast-enhanced MRI. The greatest benefit of RSI-MRI is that it is able to show mercy to some patients so that they are spared the agony of destructive prostate surgery. 

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