Use of Mobiles and Apps by Radiologists

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Radiology is one of the pioneering medical fields to conform to the changing trends of mobile phone applications. The mobile phone apps allow them easy remote access to the patients’ records, including their test images and reports. To make the most out of these mobile phone apps, the radiologists need to be trained in the correct and optimal usage of these apps.

In a conference held in New York in the month of May, called Reshaping Radiology through Mobile Apps, Technologies, and FDA Regulations, the beneficial role of mobile apps and devices in the field of radiology was thoroughly discussed. According to David Hirschorn, MD, director of radiology informatics at Staten Island University Hospital in New York, who was a speaker at the conference, “I’ve studied radiology displays for probably over 10 years, trying to understand what radiologists really need in order to read a CT scan, MRI or X-ray. When mobile apps entered the arena, questions arose about the image quality available on mobile devices. People wondered if you can read an X-ray or CT scan, or anything off of a mobile device.”

Radiologists see a lot of benefits of these apps, especially the remote access to images. In the age where everyone owns a smartphone, it is only smart to introduce apps to benefit the radiologists too. These apps become functional after logging into the server systems of the hospitals. They are not, however approved by the FDA for medical uses due to the scope of error associated with them. Mobile applications still have to see a lot of amendments before they become widely acceptable for radiological use on a wider scale.

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