MRI vs. CT Scan for Liver Disease Detection

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As far as the diagnosis of malignancy of liver (especially the hepatocellular carcinoma) is concerned, MRI is far superior to CT scan when measured on the basis of each lesion. The susceptibility of both imaging methods was considerably lesser among hepatocellular malignancy’s lesions (which are less than one centimeter in diameter) when matched up to bigger wounds. 

liver disease

Both CT and MRI perform a significant role in the diagnosis, staging, and classification of hepatocellular malignancy, which is one of the chief causes of deaths associated with malignancies. Notwithstanding their extensive utilization, slight work has been done to match up both these imaging modalities with reference to their diagnostic presentations.

In a recent research investigation, CT and MR imaging were judged against each other through a methodical assessment and quantitative statistical analysis of forty research studies of revelation of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with elemental chronic liver disease

The piled up statistics specified that CT and MRI have comparable susceptibility and specificity when well thought-out on the basis of each patient. MRI revealed greater susceptibility per lesion which assisted in recognizing features of hepatocellular malignancy in causative liver disease. Both methods were restricted in patients with undersized tumors. The principal inadequacies of this research investigation were the accepted fundamental characteristics in situations, and intrusions presented through the encompassment of numerous trials, which may have baffled the conclusions of the research study. In a nutshell, MRI is a technique which is desirable when compared with CT at least as far as diagnosis of liver malignancy is concerned.

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