Goodbye to Painful Mammography

  • June 26, 2018
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Dutch research scientists have built up an appliance that may diminish the uneasiness felt by many females during a mammogram. The latter is painful for the reason that squeezing force has to be applied in accordance with the size, composition and firmness of the breast. The beautiful aspect of this creation is that the worth of the image is conserved.

As we all know, during the course of mammography, squeezing of breast is essential for imaging reasons; however it can be aching too. But no more is the case with this new appliance. Unlike the earlier device, the new one gauges and displays the pressure in real time and is by all means, less painful. The latter merely applies ordinary force during the process of squeezing so as to fine-tune and regulate the pressure; as a result pain becomes lessened.

Financial support for the research study was made available by Pink Ribbon – a society that holds up breast cancer investigation as well as knowledge and understanding related to it. Making use of the nascent gadget, the technologists did a total of four squeezes on each woman out of which three were synchronized to a specific power while one was regulated to a precise target pressure.

The mammogram beset for pressure was found less hurting by the women on whom it was utilized. Moreover, the pressure-targeted mammogram didn’t decrease the worth of the over-all image. It has been estimated that the mammography machines currently at hand, could be incorporated into the new machines in such a manner that the supplementary expenditures could become almost negligible.

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