Magnetom Avanto for Whole-body MRI Scan

  • January 9, 2018
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A number of diseases typically involve multiple regions of the body. Evaluation of such processes requires visualisation of the entire body. Until recently, whole-body imaging involved only nuclear medicine studies because magnetic resonance (MR) imaging was limited to localized areas. However with new technological advances in MR imaging that allow enhanced coverage of the whole body, the concept of whole-body MR imaging (WB-MRI) is now rapidly developing.

Today’s healthcare is facing the difficult task of reconciling two contrasting demands: Delivering better outcomes while lowering costs. MAGNETOM®Aera provides a sophisticated answer to these challenges.

The MAGNETOM Avanto MRI System is the first product to incorporate Siemens’ revolutionary Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) technology, a first whole body surface coil design to seamlessly combine up to 76 coil elements and 32 RF channels. The Tim Application Suite includes a comprehensive set of clinical applications, including Neuro, Angio, Cardiac, Body, Oncology, Orthopaedic and Paediatric. The Tim concept allows to combine elements from physically separate coils without patient repositioning for shorter exams and greater patient comfort.  

The obvious limitation of the conventional coronal two-sequence scan is that small or subtle abnormalities, particularly in the appendicular skeleton may be overlooked due to the lack of dedicated multi-planar scanning. There is also limited depiction of sternum, ribs, scapula and skull in the coronal plane.

The most established clinical application of whole-body MR imaging in children, as in adults, is the staging of malignant disease and screening for metastases. However, the use of WB-MRI to evaluate other non-malignant multi-system disease processes is ever increasing. 

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