Low-radiation Neonatal X-ray System

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Kubtec – the leading developer of digital specimen radiography systems proclaimed the U.S. FDA sanction of Mozart with TomoSpec – the primary breast specimen tomosynthesis scheme. This step forward 3Dimensional technology harmonizes Kubtec’s line of 2Dimensional Expert digital specimen X-ray systems, premeditated to convene the imaging necessities for the following:

  1. Core needle biopsies
  2. Surgically excised breast tissue
  3. Excised organ and bone specimens

Sample radiography systems in the vicinity of the practice rooms amplify efficiencies and decrease procedure time for amplified patient ease and quality of concern.

The Lowly Quantity For Imaging Of Newborn:

When one has to be concerned about the dosage of radiation and at the same time, one has to be extra-cautious too, there is nothing like KUB 250. The latter not only reduces radiation disclosure but restricts cross-contamination for flimsy patients in the Intensive Care Unit of the newborns. The benefit of KUB 250 is that it serves to picture the tiniest patients with the lowest dose of any digital radiography device or instrument designed to detect the presence of a particular object and to emit a signal in response. Serving as a committed, justly mobile system, the KUB 250 conveys unswervingly to the incubator for swift achievement of high resolution, high contrast images accessible in seconds.

Technical/Business Imaging:

Kubtec’s multipurpose product lines meet a diversity of scientific and industrial appliances; their products include the following:

  1. Digital Radiograph cabinet systems
  2. Portable X-ray systems
  3. Irradiators
  4. Digital X-ray systems

The Reason For The Popularity Of Kubtec:

  • It listens to its customers resulting in innovative digital X-ray systems which meet patrons’ requirements for clinical, scientific, forensic, agricultural and trade purposes.
  • Kubtec pays attention to its patrons so that it has been able to provide them pioneering digital X-ray systems which meet patrons’ needs for clinical, scientific, forensic, agricultural and industrial applications.

Kubtec boasts the following features:

  1. Improved competence
  2. Stumpy dose
  3. Pathology applications
  4. Resourceful product line
  5. High quality systems
  6. Round the clock support
  7. Inaccessible online support

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