Huge Potential for Teleradiology in India

  • March 30, 2017
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Its a fact that the number of qualified radiologists are not increasing with reference to the exponential growth in the number of radiology studies. This has lead to the increase in workload of radiologists and in many places backlog of studies which need to be reported are piling up. Due to advancement in technology and production lines, more diagnostic machines are being installed in remote areas where there is a difficulty in getting specialist radiologists. All these has spurred the growth of teleradiology.

Advantage India: 

  1. Availability of qualified radiologists is more compared to other countries. 
  2. Availability of radioligists who are trained from different parts of the globe. 
  3. India is already an IT hub, this supports the growth of teleradiology as IT is one of the backbone of teleradiology. 
  4. Availability of supporting human resources – IT support, transcriptionists, physician assistants etc. 
  5. India’s geographical location – ability to serve different countries comparably. 

This has been written considerin the service being delivered to foreign countries (not in India)

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