Mammography is no more Painful

  • February 25, 2016
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In next to no time, hurting mammograms may be substituted by cone beam breast CT technology, which captures 3-D images of the breast. It could assist doctors come across unseen tumors and identify cancers with least embarrassment to the woman. For patients, this procedure is more comfy than ordinary mammography since the breast isn’t packed together. In addition, there is a lesser amount of radiation revelation than during a CT exam of the whole chest because In this case, just the breast is uncovered to the X-rays. 

mammogram imaging

The outcomes observed with 3D-KBCT have been outstanding weighed against 2D imaging. 3D-KBCT is thus expected to take part in manifold applications in breast imaging. This saleable 3D breast CT scanner (intended exclusively to illustrate the whole breast with a solitary scan exclusive of compression of the breast tissue) acquires hundreds of images in ten seconds producing proper 3D images permitting a speedy course of action with exceptional comfort on the part of the patient. Adjuncts for KBCT consist of a biopsy bracket to facilitate KBCT-guided breast biopsies of doubtful lesions, and a collimator which is meant to control the x-ray shaft to the area of concentration. The biopsy bracket makes 3D targeting accessible at equivalent or lower radiation revelation matched up to stereotactic directed biopsy.

The (breast CT) images have less deformation than mammography, and the system is optimized to make a distinction between the soft tissue of the breast and the malignant tissue. These images are quite unlike the 2D mammograms.

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