MRI Machines in Indiana get Design Upgrades

  • January 5, 2019
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New types of MRI machines are making their way into hospitals in Indiana. And they feature more accommodating designs and sophisticated technologies. Hospitals are aware that the patient population is growing bigger, hence the need for machines that are wider and sturdier than traditional units. One emerging option is the open MRI, which is ideal for obese and claustrophobic patients as well as children.

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The U-shaped model from Stand Up Open MRI of Indiana lets patients sit or stand, if they aren’t comfortable lying down. Because of the different possible positions, the images it captures are different from those generated by standard MRI equipment.

Open MRI machines also allow patients to look from side to side. So those with claustrophobia can do just fine without mild anesthesia or anxiety pills. Owing to their heavier weight limit, wide bore MRI machines are gaining popularity as well. As with open MRI units, they are suitable for patients suffering from obesity and claustrophobia.

Methodist Hospitals is planning to install wide bores that can support up to 550 pounds.  Plus, the machines are compatible with patients who are not able to tolerate a contrast injection, such as those with kidney problems.

In terms of imaging quality, wide bore MRI machines are said to provide clearer and better-resolution results than their open MRI counterparts. Hospitals are still bracing for additional and constantupgrades. In the MRI field, a new solution or technology usually comes up every six months. So purchasing the latest state-of-the-art equipment that benefits even more patients has been an important strategy.

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