How Teleradiology Transformed Healthcare

  • June 20, 2020
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Teleradiology, which emerged about 10 years back, has transformed into a nighthawk with increased efficiencies. Evolution of teleradiology went hand in hand with evolution of medical imaging techniques, with enhanced focus on subspecialty coverage.

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Teleradiology is the transmission of radiological images from one place to another for the study and diagnosis. A group of radiologists gather at one place, offer services to local hospitals, corporate hospitals and radiology practices. This facility is extremely useful in the places where the radiology professionals are not available round the clock. Teleradiology was initially started to overcome the shortage of radiologists, for timely delivery of diagnosis reports and to meet an increasing need of radiology services to an emergency room care. Today, teleradiology services are available 24/7, with an easy access and high quality interpretation at reduced costs. Years back, when it started, information was passed to different locations through dial-up connections, which used to take long hours. Evolution of technology along with the digital imaging techniques led to high-speed data transfer within minutes. Advanced graphic processing and image compression with specialised software made hundreds of images available for the study. Data storage and generation of reports is done within a short time with high level security, as a result of overall development of technology. Sharing of radiological information globally improved the consultation between physicians, specialists and subspecialists leading to optimal patient care.

We can conclude that with advancement in imaging techniques, including subspecialties, without teleradiology, radiologists will not be able to completely satisfy the patient needs.

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