Digital Tomosynthesis vs Normal Mammography

  • November 17, 2017
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Digital tomosynthesis a new manner of generation of a 3D picture of the breast making use of radiographs. Despite having been acknowledged by FDA and providing promising results, it is not yet being measured as the criterion of precision for assessment of breast malignancy. Moreover, it is currently accessible in a restricted number of hospitals.

Limitations Of Ordinary Mammograms

  1. Squeezing of the breast tissue during a mammogram can be painful so much so that it could discourage them from undergoing the test.
  2. Given that, on account of squeezing the breast tissue causes it to superimpose, hence a case of breast malignancy is liable to be hidden in the partly covered tissue and not be illustrated on the mammogram.
  3. Mammograms take only one picture transversely through the whole breast in two tracks.

Benefits Of Digital Tomosynthesis

Digital tomosynthesis is an innovative sort of test that has been devised to prevail upon the aforementioned limitations of mammogram. Its repayments are as follows:

  1. It procures numerous radiographs of each breast from several angles.
  2. Though the breast is placed in the same manner as in a usual mammogram, yet merely a diminutive physical force is enough to be appropriated on the breast tissue.
  3. This ground-breaking technology entails the movement of X-ray tubes in a semicircle in the region of the breast, so that merely within a period of seven seconds, eleven images are seized. This information is conveyed to a computer where it is congregated to generate comprehensible, highly focused 3 D images right through the breast tissue, thereby facilitating early detection of malignant tissue.
  4. This technology can be used for uncovering the simple as well as suspicious lesions in the breast tissue.

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