CT Technology promises accurate heart scans

  • March 21, 2020
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The latest CT technology is a huge revolution in science. It offers most accurate heart scans and also helps measure the blood supply to the cardiac muscles and view blood vessels and its circulation. The technology is speedy and promises all the study in one single investigation, exposing the patient to lesser radiation.

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A study was conducted on 39 patients, using second generation 128 slice dual-source CT. It not just captured images of the heart but also gave the doctors an in-depth view on the blockage as well as showed areas where the arteries were narrow, reducing the circulation to the heart. What is most encouraging is the utilization of just 1/10th of the radiation as compared to the current standard CT scans taken for heart. The scanning is much faster too. While the traditional scans take about 6 seconds that includes a number of heart beats for a scan, the new CT captures the heart in just 0.3 seconds with maximum precision.

The latest CT technology can be compared with Cardiac MRI, with almost 78-95% recognition of the reduced and restricted circulation and 84-94% recognition of the blocked arteries. The new CT scan technology for heart scans are studied to be 90% accurate in cases of blockages and showed improved accuracy to even 95% when combined with CT Perfusion.

This latest break though can help recognize poor coronary circulation in diabetics when the nerve damage is likely to cause insensitivity to pain and thus one can miss symptoms directing to heart disorders. The new CT technology with its multi faceted benefits is also cost effective, besides being accurate and efficient.

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