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Researchers found new pill which can delivers insulin through the stomach

A team of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a pea sized capsule that could be used to deliver oral doses…
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positron emission tomography

What is Positron Emission Tomography Imaging?

A Positron emission tomography or PET scan is a nuclear medicine imaging technique which can give a representative image of the metabolism and…
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A better healthcare scenario in the future

Due to major technological advances that are being made in the scientific world the whole healthcare landscape is being transformed. This exciting future…
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teleradiology practice

Future of Teleradiology around the world

Teleradiology can be explained as a method where radiological images are outsourced for a remote diagnosis by a radiologist. In the past few…
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radiology second opinion

Is teleradiology fit for a second opinion?

Teleradiology can be described as a practice where a radiologist can interpret medical images without being physically present at the site where the images…
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teleradiology solutions

Role of Teleradiology during COVID and post-Covid

Today the whole world has come to a standstill because of the coronavirus pandemic. Social and economic life has not seen a single…
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