Omega FluoroShield gets FDA Approval

  • September 2, 2020
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Recently, Omega Medical Imaging has got approval from FDA  for its FluoroShield system which may use artificial intelligence to help limit radiation dosage. It is the first technology in the world that deploys machine learning to limit radiation.

FluoroShield system is the only system available to reduce dose during image therapy procedures. The newly developed FluoroShield system automatically aims the radiation beam across the area of interest.

The benefits of FluoroShiels system are:

  • Good image quality which results in a reduced field of view and less exposure to harmful x ray.
  • The tissues around the region are not exposed to radiation.
  • The structure of FluoroShield system is that it can be sized and positioned in manual mode, which is generally limited to positioning about the centre of the image.
  • Auto region of interest automatically follows the movement of devices, minimising distraction and input requirements for the operator. 

The advantages of the new technology FluoroShield system includes:

  • Superior image quality
  • Lower radiation exposure to patients

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