AI systems can spot missed cancerous tumors

  • September 30, 2015
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A group of Computer Engineers and Doctors from the University of Central Florida develop a new AI  tumor spotting system and it helps to increase patients survival rates. In their research they found that this new AI system is 95 percent accurate in spotting tiny cancerous tumors. 

tumor detection

A team of engineers at the University taught computer to detect small spot of lung cancer in CT, sometimes it is difficult to identify by radiologists.The researchers used brain as a model to create this particular AI system, a doctoral candidate Rodney Lalonde said and he is also a computer engineer. 

For developing this new AI system, this researchers team joined with National Institute and the Mayo Clinic and scanned more than 1000 ct scans in to their AI software and these CT scan can taught how the tumors look like and how to differentiate cancerous and benign tumors. 

Scientists introduced their new findings in September at the MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and computer-assisted intervention) conference in Spain. Researchers next plan is to integrate their new system into a hospital. They were plan to release the technology onto the market within one or two years.

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