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teleradiology practice

Future of Teleradiology around the world

Teleradiology can be explained as a method where the radiological images are outsourced for a remote diagnosis by a radiologist. In the past few months, teleradiology has taken over the market like never before, due to various obvious reasons posed…
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radiology second opinion

Is teleradiology fit for a second opinion?

Teleradiology can be described as a practice where a radiologist can interpret medical images without being physically present at the site where the images are generated. There are various modes based on computer programs that are designed specifically for the transmission of…
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teleradiology during covid

Role of Teleradiology during COVID and post-Covid

Today the whole world has come to a standstill because of the coronavirus pandemic. Social and economic life has not seen a single normal day since the arrival of the pandemic. During this whole period, one major section of society…
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teleradiology service

Improvement of patient care through teleradiology

Over the past two decades, teleradiology has gained tremendous acceptance across the globe and the main reason behind this huge success is the way it has changed the form of patient care. The entire healthcare sector depends on teleradiology or…
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AI in radiology

Artificial Intelligence to optimize radiology workflows to reduce the turnaround time

Artificial intelligence has rapidly helped radiologists reduce their workload. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also helped in reducing waiting time for the reports and scans of different diagnoses. Experts in radiology are working on identifying opportunities for machine learning and neural…
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teleradiology company

Positive signs that diagnostic centers should invest in Teleradiology

In the present scenario, there is a lot of silent competition going on among the owners of diagnostic centers. It is not easy to achieve and manage a constantly high and good patient footfall.  In a well-established diagnostic center, every…
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