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Shear Wave Elastography

What is Shear Wave Elastography?

Shear wave elastography also known as transient elastography is a new form of ultrasound technology that helps clinicians assess body tissue that may be diseased. Obtaining tissue stiffness measurements have become surprisingly fast and easy with this new expert tool.…
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How is telemedicine changing healthcare?

In the field of Healthcare telemedicine is one of the most important recent developments. Telemedicine expands interactions between physicians and patients into entirely new ways to deliver healthcare and practice medicine. In this modern technology telemedicine helps in the treatment…
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Radiation exposure in day to day life

Radiation and radioactive materials are a part of nature. Every living thing has some amount of radiation coming from it. Natural sources of radioactivity can be found in earth’s crust, soil, rocks, buildings etc. In Fact the air we breathe…
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Diabetes in pregnancy times linked to future heart disease risk

In a new study researchers found that women who have gestational diabetes mellitus during pregnancy have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes which may lead to heart diseases in future. Researchers in their survey found that overall 8000…
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Drinking lots of sugary drinks may lead to increased risk of death

According to a new study, researchers found that sugary drinks may increase the risk of premature deaths by cardiovascular diseases. According to the survey, researchers found that drinking one or two sugar sweetened beverages may increase the risk of an…
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New MRI machine can spot scar muscles of heart without damaging kidneys

Researchers from the University of Warwick have found a new MRI machine which may help to spot scar muscles of the heart without damaging Kidneys. In a traditional method before scanning they will give a dose of gadolinium which may…
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