Whole Body Iodine Scan Interpretation & Reporting

thyroid scan interpretation and reporting service

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We provide online interpretation and reporting of Whole Body Iodine scans. The reporting will be done by nuclear medicine specialists from India and USA and reports will be delivered within 24-48 hours. 

Iodine Scan is a nuclear medicine test that uses a radioactive iodine tracer medicine to check for recurrence of thyroid cancer in the body after thyroidectomy (removal of the thyroid) or metastasis. 

How it is done?

The test is done in two appointments with a minimum difference of 48-72 hours. Before the first appointment patient is instructed to discontinue any medication which has iodine and avoid any food which has high iodine content. Female patients are asked to check for any pregnancy due to risks involved for foetus because of radiation or if there is any breastfeeding, then separate instructions are given for the temporary discontinuation for lactation.

First Appointment 

Radiopharmaceutical (commonly used are I-125 and I-131) is given orally to patient in the form of pill with water at a designated place and the patient is asked to leave.

Second appointment 

It is set 48-72 hours after the administration of radioactive iodine. On this appointment, scan is performed, patient is made to lay down on a movable examination table with his head tipped backward and neck extended. Then images are taken for the whole body anteriorly and posteriorly with the gamma camera. Second scan may also be taken for the neck area specifically.

Indications for whole body iodine scan

  • After thyroidectomy to check for any remaining thyroid tissue. 
  • Detecting any metastasis in patients with thyroid cancer. 
  • Reoccurrence in post treatment cases of thyroid cancer. 

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