Thyroid Scan Interpretation & Reporting

thyroid scan interpretation and reporting service

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We provide online interpretation and reporting of thyroid scans. The reporting will be done by nuclear medicine specialists from India and USA and reports will be delivered within 24-48 hours. 

Thyroid scan is a nuclear medicine imaging examination which is done by injecting radioactive iodine into a vein (usually in the arm) or a pill is given which enters the thyroid gland then images are taken with a special gamma camera. It is done to gain information about the structure of the gland when there is any growth or lump is suspected on physical examination or in lab test.

If a laboratory test shows an overactive thyroid, a radioactive iodine uptake test (RAIU) may be ordered at the same time to evaluate thyroid function which is different not to be confused with thyroid scan.

In thyroid scan if radionuclide is injected intravenously then scan is done within 30–60 minutes and if pill is given then scan is done after 4-6 hours (this gives the radioactive iodine, time to reach thyroid)

During the scan the patient needs to lay down on a bed and the camera is positioned very close over the head. Several images are then taken which usually takes about half an hour. It is important during this time that patient remains still and try not to swallow because movements can blur the pictures. 

Lastly the information is sent to a computer which displays it in the form of image.
Normal thyroid appears uniformly gray on the images, whereas if there is any enlargement or if it is pushed off to one side it could indicate a tumor. Nodules will absorb more or less iodine and will appear darker or lighter on the scan.

 Indications of thyroid scan are:

  • Goiter
  • Nodules
  • Carcinomas of thyroid gland
  • Hyperactive or hypoactive gland
  • Multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) II

The concerns regarding radiation side effects should be taken under consideration when the test is prescribed (pregnancy, breastfeeding) but the benefits of the test usually outweigh any risks.

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