Nuclear Cardiac Scan Interpretation and Reporting

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We provide online interpretation and reporting of cardiac nuclear scans. The reporting will be done by nuclear medicine specialists from India and USA and reports will be delivered within 24-48 hours. 

Cardiac Scan/Scintigraphys is a nuclear medicine technique used to evaluate distribution of blood flow to the heart and function of the heart. Majorly used for diagnosing coronary artery diseases, cardiomyopathy and after chemotherapy or radiotherapy to look for any possible damage to the heart.

The procedure starts with a placement of IV line into a vein of arm, patient is asked to put both or in some cases only left arm over the head for about 15 to 20 minutes and images are taken.

After this phase myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI)/stress test is done, patient is asked to exercise either by walking on a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bicycle for a few minutes or a drug is given to increase blood flow to the heart and simultaneously electrocardiography (ECG) monitors the electrical activity of heart with a frequent check on blood pressure. When blood flow to the heart reaches to its peak, the radiotracer is given through the IV line and a second series of images are taken with the gamma camera along with an ECG to monitor the electrical activity of heart.

If there is any abnormality detected on MPI study then a coronary angiogram is done.

Sometimes the test do not use stress or exercise, but 2 sets of rest images are taken with 2 different tracers.

MPI can be done using single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) or positron emission tomography (PET)

Indications of Cardiac Scan

  • Abnormal electrocardiogram
  • Shortness of breath with exertion and without any obvious cause
  • Idiopathic angina
  • Previous heart attacks
  • To evaluate the prognosis of stent or bypass surgery

It is essential to take a note of any pregnancy if present or breastfeeding before the scan because of the potential risks due to radiation exposure.




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