Online teleradiology interpretation and reporting services offered at Smart Teleradiology are outstanding and credible. Highly qualified team consisting of well-trained radiologists and staff assures high quality reading services at all levels. Offering services round the clock, one can rely on us any time. Day, weekend, nighthawk and vacation reporting makes Smart Teleradiology, one of the best in the industry. Turn around time starting from 1 hour is offered currently. Cost-effective and quality reading services are offered by Smart Teleradiology and this makes it economically feasible for hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, radiology groups all around the globe.

Currently we offer online interpretation and reporting services of the following modalities.

  1. X Ray
  2. CT
  3. MRI
  4. Ultrasound
  5. Mammograms
  6. Nuclear Scans

Interpreting emergent and non emergent case studies with efficiency and better clarity, Smart Teleradiology is one-stop service provider to meet online radiology reporting services with atmost precision, accuracy and quality.

Our reporting services are categorized in to the following:

  1. Teleradiology Preliminary Reporting
  2. Teleradiology Final Reporting
  3. Teleradiology Night Coverage
  4. Teleradiology Second Opinion
  5. Teleradiology Sub-Specialty Opinion
  6. Teleradiology Radiology Staffing

Why You Need To Choose Us?

  1. Dedicated team of radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, oral and maxilofacial radiology specialists and radiology technicians. 
  2. Over 10+ clients across the globe. Currently in Australia, Jamaica, South Africa, UK, USA and Tanzania. 
  3. Highly flexible engagement model. 
  4. Strong adherence to quality standards. 
  5. Round the clock client support team.