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Complete Range of Teleradiology Services

Interpretation & Reporting of Radiology Studies

Online interpretation and reporting of all radiology imaging modalities including dental studies and nuclear scans. We report XR, CT, MRI, UlSG, Mammo, Dental Studies, Nuclear Scans etc. 

Second Opinion on Radiology Studies

A second review and reporting on already reported studies. This is a service to individuals who are seeking a second eye on their radiology studies. Also referring physicians can make use this for a peer review. 

Support for Clinical Research & Trials

Annotation and research related support for developing machine learning and AI powered systems. We can prepare radiology images and data that are used in machine learning project to develop AI systems. 

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Comprehensive Teleradiology Services

An emerging provider of round the clock online radiology reporting services with comprehensive capability and expertise to report conventional radiology studies, dental radiology studies and nuclear scans.

A Global Teleradiology Service Provider

Online Reporting, Second Opinion and Research Support

Expert Radiologists

Group of radiologists from across the globe providing you quality service. 

Affordable Pricing

Radiology reporting service at an affordable fees.

Affordable Pricing

Radiology reporting service at an affordable fees.

Comprehensive Reports

Very detailed reports covering all aspects of your study prepared by radiologists.

Quality Control Protocol

Standard peer review process - accuracy close to 99.5%.

Follow up Questions

All your prior questions and follow up questions are answered at your satisfaction.

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